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  1. Tim Smith

    I am a licensed Marriage and Family Therapist currently serving as the president of the North Carolina Association For Marriage and Family Therapy. I am also a 25 year Army veteran who has served on active duty in the Persian Gulf. Devotionals like the one Paul has written are an invaluable resource to veterans who are now serving in the middle east or other places around the world where they are lonely, missing home and family and who need encouragement and inspiration that only God can provide. I have this devotional in my office at Camp Lejeune, NC written by Paul and written to give inspiration and hope to soldiers, Marines, sailors, airmen and anyone wearing a uniform who finds themselve in a place where they feel disconnected from God and family and need a boost of hope and encouragement. I work at the Deployment Wellness Clinic at Camp Lejeune where I counsel with Marines who often have need of inspiration and support to help them deal with the harsh reality of combat. I would highly recommend this inspirational book to anyone who counsels those who serve in the military and to military personnel who need a little extra support and encouragement. This is a great read!

  2. pbauer Post author

    Thanks Tim for those encouraging words but most of all thanks for serving our country and for counseling the brave Marines at Camp Lejeune.


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